Joomla 2.5! Userguide - JA Mendozite

JA Medozite

1. Get to Know Your Template

Everyone should read the Template's Overview Article! This is a quick and complete overview of the template, from the colours included, to all of the powerful Joomlart complimentary extensions that come with it. You'll also find links to the LIVE Demo Site, the Download area, as well as the Forum to ask questions.

Need Help Getting Around We've created a QUICK ACCESS GUIDE for help you become a Joomlart Power User. This is a wonderful reference full of tips on quickly finding template info, demo sites, module position guides and more. We don't want you to miss a thing!

2. Download Template and Extensions:

Check download folder for the Quickstart, Template zip and other complimentary extensions zip files.

Plan your site Development.

Making a New Site ? - If you are planning to make a new site, then use our Quickstart package to clone the demo site and replace the demo content with yours. Check How to install Quickstart Package..

Installing on your live site ? - If you are planning to use this template on your already live site. Then you should follow How to make your site look like demo site guide first to know about the steps involved. Then you can follow up the userguide below.

The user guide covers the following aspects:

  1. Installing Template on your Joomla
  2. Installing T3 Framework 2 Plugin
  3. Installing complimentary / included extensions.
  4. Custom HTML Modules.
  5. Mega Menu configs